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Dr. Eran Sagiv


Ben Yehuda 32, Tel Aviv

Clinical psychologist in Tel Aviv
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ערן שגיב

The recent years have led us to deal with multitude challenges and hardships including a worldwide plague, war and crises concerning the future. Therapy can help put the pieces "back together", improve the way we adapt and develop resilience to unexpected life events

Stress and functioning

Anxiety focused therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) emphasizes the "here and now" and allows the forming of effective and time limited interventions. Working with CBT leads to a change in behavioral patterns and can help to overcome different anxieties and deal with stress.

Extensive experience in the treatment of a variety of eating disorders including: Anorexia-nervosa, Bulimia nervosa and Binge eating disorder.  Integrative treatment with an  expert nutritionist available on request

Eating disorders

Adapting to a new place

Moving to a new and different place is not an easy thing to do. Together we can find ways to assist you in adapting to a different mentality, dealing with loneliness and all the associated hardships of a new beginning

Therapy Sessions

My approach

I feel that while the more knowledge you obtain can assist in leading to the right direction, the most meaningful aspect of the therapeutic process is rather not the method of choice but the unique connection which is formed between two people and can bring to change. I am open to meet any person who is suffering from any form of distress from the age of adolescence. My areas of expertise include: eating disorders, depression, anxiety and specific phobias, OCD, marital and relationship issues, life crisis and immigration issues


Hi, nice to meet you. my name is Eran. I am a clinical psychologist specializing in the field of eating disorders and a native english speaker. In addition to my clinical experience i hold a Master's degree and a PhD from Bar Ilan university. After years of treatment in public and private practice i have come across numerous approaches in the field of psychotherapy. My private clinic is situated in central tel aviv and am happy to invite you to start something new. 


I can help.

Every solution to a problem starts with a first step. We will start with an initial introductory meeting in my clinic to learn about you expectations and plan the therapeutic process. I am here to join and support you in an important process towards change and mental health. Even if you have tried therapy before and could not find the help you were looking for - i invite you to contact me to try and change the situation

ערן שגיב



Eating disorders

Anxiety and specific phobias


marital and relationship issues.




Online treatment

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